Skin Care

Give your skin a little love.

Classic Facial

Hydra Medic Acne Facial

Normal/Combination Skin

This treatment is perfect for first time clients or anyone that isn't quite sure what they are looking for in their facial treatment! This customized facial treatment focused on your specific skin care goals. This facial includes a double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, and a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage. This treatment will end with a mask paired with a hand and arm massage and followed by finishing products! The skin will be left feeling cleansed, toned and moisturized. (extractions may be included by request)

1hr | $80

Express facial

All Skin Types

Customized skin care treatment perfect for anyone that's always on the go. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, massage and finishing products. Quick results and 35 minutes of relaxation that can easily be fit into a busy lifestyle.

35 minutes | $45

For Oily/Problem skin

This deep cleansing and refining treatment helps to control the appearance of oily skin. Treat stubborn breakouts and redness all while calming the skin and maintaining moisture balance. This treatment will leave the skin with a renewed appearance of freshness without over drying.

1hr 30 minutes | $90

Vita Cura Firming Facial

For Mature Skin 

Specifically designed to help invigorate, and tone the overall appearance of mature skin. An enzymatic micropeel is used to exfoliate the skin and uncover even-toned complexion. Two massages and a cool Spirulina Seaweed mask with Pentapeptide help to make skin appear firmer and smoother.

1hr 15 minutes | $110

Biolight Brightening Facial
Hydra Dew Hydrating Facial

For Normal/Dry Skin 

This treatment hydrates dry and dull skin while softening fine lines and wrinkles developed from repeated facial movement. Essential Fatty Acids of Sunflower, Sesame and Almonds work to help moisturize the skin, while Bearberry helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone for a brighter looking complexion.

1hr | $85

Red Out Calming Facial

For Sensitive and Reactive Skin Types


NEW TREATMENT... to meet the needs of sensitive, rosacea prone and reactive skin types. Whether the skin has been compromised by over-exfoliation, sun damage, or other free radical damage, this treatment is soothing, calming and will help to repair and protect the face. Select products used in this treatment are both anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory to dramatically reduce skin irritation, redness and symptoms of rosacea. 

1hr 15 minutes | $100

Opti-Firm Eye Treatment

This signature eye treatment Soothes the delicate eye area with Aloe, Cucumber and Chamomile, while the seaweed-based formula helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps to lessen the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Can be added to any other facial service!


For Dull Skin/Hyperpigmentation

Say goodbye to dull, uneven skin tone and hello to a more youthful complexion. This signature professional treatment helps brighten and diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits. Uncover a radiant, more luminous complexion. 

1hr 15 minutes | $125

4 Layer Facial

For All Skin Types

Layer upon layer of fresh European and American Seaweed based products are used to help tone, deep cleanse and firm the appearance of the skin dramatically. Enjoy a cool seaweed mask followed by a mineral-rich thermal mask that allows for total relaxation while softening the appearance of fine lines and locking in hydration.

1hr 15 minutes | $85

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*Products in every skin care treatment listed above are customized if needed. Products may be added or removed from your treatment based on your skin type and specific skin concerns*


Chemical Peels

Glowing skin is always in.


What Is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a safe and effective resurfacing treatment that loosens the dead skin cells on the surface, allowing that dead skin to slough off revealing brighter, softer and younger looking skin underneath.

What Are The Benefits Of Chemical Peels

Peels have a wide variety of benefits and can treat many different concerns! If you struggle with dry skin or dehydration, oily skin, large pores and breakouts, dark spots due to sun damage or fine lines and wrinkles.... chemical peels may be the right treatment for you!

Am I A Good Candidate for A Peel?

An extensive consultation is done before your first treatment to ensure that you are a good candidate for a chemical peel treatment. If you suffer from any skin disorders or conditions that cause concern please visit a physician to ensure that we can proceed with the treatment. Skin care consultations are always free of cost if you have any concerns you would like to discuss ahead of time!

Peels Pricing

Full Face Peel - $100

Face And Neck Peel - $120

Face, Neck And Chest Peel - $150

All peels treatments include a post treatment skin care kit for you to take home! ($30 value)